Monday, March 16, 2009

Self-report tool is ready

After a little talk to Philip, I realize that showing the raw sensor data may even better than grouping them into events, because in that way we can give user more control over their data. The initial motivation of add that "event management" feature is in case of editing data. However, for the near goal, we will not provide the editing feature in the manage panel. If user think there is error in their input, just delete the data and resend it again. When managing the raw data, there is a possible trick to shorten the time by delete some of the data. The other reason I wanted that grouping feature is trying to make sure users will correctly delete their data, not leave unexpected data in sensorbase. However, in either way, users have to take responsibility to their data. The additional feature will not ensure they will make less mistake than without it. In contract, if the additional is less robust than it appear, users might pay less attention to their data's completeness than they will do with raw data, which may lead to more defect data. Therefore, after this second thought, I decide to leave the responsibility of the data's completeness back to the owners before a powerful and reliable enough manager exists.

Plan for this week is to finish the self-report tool. Everything is ready actually, just need more test of sending out data. After that, thesis!

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