Monday, March 9, 2009

More analysis on log data

Accomplish of last week
1. Tech-report of Hackystat evaluation 2008 is revised. More analyses of data on per student bias are added in order to gain further insight into the logged and survey data. It is interesting to find that some students' responses are far from their reality: the use frequencies they claimed are much lower than the actual frequencies logged by the system. Though it is hard to verify if the error is intended or not, it does reveal some interesting point from their answers to other question: those students are the ones who concerned with sharing their data, especially DevTime and Commit. It is reasonable to infer that they were not happy with the data showing their laziness to their teammates.

2. All functionality for initial release of the self-report tool is complete. Currently the application takes a time period denoted by start and end time, resource file, tools and label to generate the DevTime data. The UI is shown below.
Also the application is capable to manage the data you sent. It is able to retrieve data in a given data, filter the data to a given tool if available, show it on a table, and allow user to delete data from it. The following image shows an example of this feature. The image is captured on the experimental implementation that the data is not filter to be self-reported only, which will be implemented in actual release.
The current state of the manager is actually not quite useful, or even annoying. This is because the approach of devtime sensor data: a piece of data make a five mintes period as active devtime. So for every event that user reported, there is not a single data relative to it, instead, there are a set of data, each departed by five mintes, to present the length of the action period. When editing, these pieces of data are shown and treated as separated instance, and are deletable separately. This does kind of distrupting the concept behind the sensor data. In order to avoid this, the data should grouped by events and managed as events. This will be the next priority of this project.

Plan for this week

I have a paper presentation on Wednesday morning, that will probably take all my time till then. But after that, I can have a small break from my course work and put more time to the lab projects and my thesis. So here is the plan for this week:
  1. Continue the self-report tool. It is very close to it designed funtionality now.
  2. Revise my thesis.

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