Monday, March 23, 2009

Revise my thesis

State of manual report tool

The manual report tool is finished for basic but complete functionality. The UI is similar with the figures post before, except that the "Labels" field is removed and labels is expected to input in "Resource" field. This is actually the way to construct the resource field in sensor data. Making it this way makes user less confused when they see their "labels" shown in the resource field in history panel.

As discussed before, history panel manipulate sensor data piece by piece, no grouping function is provided.

Revise my master thesis

I start revising my thesis from the "portfolio" version to a "software ICU" version. The introduction is being totally rewritten to introduce the idea from different angle. I am reviewing recent tech-reports about Hackystat and software ICU, which including 09-02, 09-03 and 09-07 to get ideas of the start point.

Most of other parts, such as the related work section, can remain the same.

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