Monday, March 2, 2009

Presentation Finished!

The biggest this for me last week is the presentation of my thesis project on seminar course. My slides can be found here. It was the biggest presentation I ever made and make me nervous to dead because I did not get much time to practice the talk. Fortunately it came out to be a successful one. I was planning to revise my thesis before start preparing the presentation but I found I was running out of time. So the thesis is still untouched yet. As discuss with Philip and Robert, my presentation did not include enough information about the evaluation result. I was thinking adding more to the slide but the result is too literal and long that it is hard to summarize good with a few slides. And insufficient analyze of the logging data is another reason of this difficulty. From Philip's inspiration, I started making more analysis charts over the data and they do reveal some additional information. They will soon be added to the evaluation tech-report.

Plan for this week:
  1. Finish further analysis of the data and add the new result to the evaluation tech-report.
  2. Finish the first release of self-report sensor. The remain thing for initial release is the ability to delete self-reported data. This is most involved with displaying an inner data object with JTable.
  3. Revise my thesis. It is long postponed and should be caught up sooner. I still want to finish the thesis before submission deadline in order to keep the initiative of my graduation.

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