Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Project reviewed: myisern-1-green


At the first try, I was astonished that the code I downloaded cannot even compile. Then I found out that is was because I am using Java 1.5 while the code use the java.lang.String.isEmpty() method which is added in Java 1.6. Java is evil, and Macintosh with java 5 is evil too.
At the review perspective, my review cannot going any further now. Meanwhile, I hacked into the code and fixed it so that it can work with Java 5 and continue my review.

Code format and conventions
Document all members
Use meaningful name

Test case
Whitebox perspective:
The test case did a very good coverage as much as 96%. Only some lines of printing out error message are not reached. However, the results are not checked. Tester can only look into the output to see if thing goes right.

Blackbox perspective:
There is no blackbox test. All test, except those come from example, are to call the main method with different arguments. There are actually many methods that return meaningful object, which should be test with quality.

I notice that the system did not maintain the Unique ID to be unique across the entire system. Only duplicate within Collaborations, Organizations or Researchers will be prevented, but not between them, such as a researcher and an organization with same name.

What I feel is that things can go wrong in any possible way. I have never image the Mac with Java 1.5 will cause me trouble until I faced it today. However, try to avoid use the very new things will be a good idea unless it is necessary. In case of check empty String, String.length() = 0 will also finish the work. That will avoid some more problems.

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Philip Johnson said...

The next version of the Mac OS (Leopard) is coming out in a couple of weeks. Hopefully that will include Java 6 for the Mac.