Sunday, October 7, 2007


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Here is the first task of collaboration. My group have two people, me and Ben Karsin.
In Thursday, the day after last class, we meet as required in library. But, as none of us have actually initiate coding, we think the meeting is useless. Then we change our plan to keep in touch online, mostly by email.

In Friday and Saturday, we did not meet each other. Then problem came out. Our emails are replied with delay as long as 20 hours. Then our whole schedule has been postponed. I then realize how important the daily meeting is. However, as Sunday comes, we don't want to meet in school again. So we decided to keep contact online by Skype. But it works! We can communicate as well as face to face. Therefore, we complete most of our code in an afternoon.

In my opinion, daily meeting is significant, but real-time communication via internet is important too, or even better. Because meeting is only a short time in a fixed time, while communication can be all the time. However, it maybe just the case when only 2 people in a group, when members become more, meeting should be more efficient, especially in initial design.

In the first day we meet, we don't settle down an overall design. When I start to write codes, I have to worry about what my partner will write, will our code be able to combine? Though change may be applied latter, we do need to get a better design at the beginning. As least define some interfaces, which will guarantee usability in certain way.
The result of our collaboration is that I write codes and Ben test it.

Overall, this is a very helpful experience of group development. It is interesting to develop with others.

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