Monday, November 3, 2008

To-date and portfolio

Portfolio and ToDate

As function of portfolio page comes to a relative complete level, we start the To-Date page. I started it by copying the code from portfolio page and modify it a little to make it satisfy its goal. All difference between to-date and portfolio is the end date is fixed to today, and cumulative parameters are fixed to true. When test to date, I open the relative portfolio page to compare the result. Then I suddenly realize that, all functionality of to-date can be produced from portfolio, and the code is just a redundancy. Then why we bother to create another page for to-date analysis?

So we are thinking about remove to date page and direct potential users to use portfolio to retrieve "to date" analysis. We can add a button in portfolio to provide an easy way to get to-date analysis. Or even just make some documentation to tell user how to use portfolio to achieve their purposes. Either way, we will not need to continue the to-date page anymore at this moment.


The need for coding for project browser is now reduced a lot. So it is a good time to seriously start again the long postponed thesis research work. The major task currently is to do more literature review. Also the students evaluation is about to start, so we should just sit tied and wait for the users' feedback before do more crazy coding to our system.

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