Monday, November 17, 2008

Portfolio and Issue sensor

Effort estimation of sortable portfolio columns

It is very useful to let the portfolio table sortable by value of the measures. There is two way to do it:
  1. Make the table headers links that will sort the table according to the value of the measure.
  2. Re-implement the portfolio detail table using DataTable, which support sorting.
Major effort of the first approach is to code the comparator, and the second's is to deploy the DataTable. The work to deploy DataTable is surely more because we have to implement the comparator after all. The benefit for that is, the DataTable looks more elegant. And we have more control over the content of each cell because each column can has its own class and html to define its display. However, as the current portfolio detail table looks good enough, I would prefer to go the first approach to add the feature with less work.

Issue Sensor

I start the sensor from the SVN sensor because it is using data from internet(svn repository) and therefore more similar to issue sensor than the other ant sensors which use data from local tools such as JUnit and EMMA. The issue sensor will grab data from feeds of Google Project Hosting, such as Feeds of hackystat-ui-wicket. I found a java api for RSS and ATOM named ROME to parse the feeds. The information of issue sensor data will include open/close an issue, change state of an issue and/or new comment to an issue. The initial implementation should be finished in this week.

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