Monday, November 10, 2008

Every thing seems going well

I am glad that students in ICS 413 are starting to use Hackystat now. I read some of their blog postings about it. They seems like the project portfolio quite a bit. Some of them did complain about the installation difficulties, but I complained it too when I am new to Hackystat, because we are all spoiled by the "click next to finish" install package.

Portfolio drill down to DPD

I was trying to add feature to portfolio that allow users to click on a value from detail table and retrieve a corresponding DPD analysis page. It will be an easy job if I can add REST API support for DPD page. But after some dig into codes of DPD page, I found it is not easy to accomplish because from there is no way to know what content sensitive menus are used in a specified DPD analysis programatically. So both when constructing the URL for a certain analysis, and parsing a URL to retrieve a page, we have to write hard-wired code to teach the system what argument to use for a certain analysis and how to parse/construct it. This will introduce a high risk of bugs for modifying DPD page. In my opinion,we should modify the logical structure of DPD page to better suit this and potential need of changes, if we have time to do so. At this momment, may be the best and fast way is to provide a incomplete functional REST API for DPD, which just include day, projects and analysis, not including the arguments. We can see how it feels before planning further steps.


Now users can specify the size of the chart in telemetry page. They can enter any size they want, the only restriction is the total size cannot be larger than 300,000 in pixel, which is a limitation in google chart.


I am reading two papers and will write some review of them tommorrow probably.

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