Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly progress report

Last week I have mainly worked on project portfolio. Validators has been added to configuration panel to ensure that higher threshold is always higher that lower threshold.

Now I am working on a "simpleportfolio" simulated dataset in SimData for the use of Tutorial Guided Tour of Portfolio analysis. Hopefully will finish today or tomorrow.

Future improvements for portfolio will include:
  • telemetry parameters for each measure
  • new measures from telemetry: dev time, build & unit test
  • show member of each project -- may not necessary to be an analysis, just show it near the project name, or in active members measure if available.
  • new analysis: active members -- inactive members are those have significantly less dev time than others, others are all active members.
I will start literature review this week. Read and summarize at least 2 articles per week. Each article will have a blog entry to summarize it.

1 comment:

aaron said...

> Each article will have a blog entry to summarize it.

actually that sounds like a better job for a wiki.