Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekly progress report 0915

The parameter list in portfolio configuration panel is finish! The layout may still need to change, but the functionality is complete. I finally choose to use the well constructed methods in telemetry session to get the parameter definition list. The parameter definition will be needed when showing the configuration panel and when verifying parameters before retrieve data for detail panel. Therefore, if the definition is retrieved every time when it is needed, the reaction of the page will be slow down, especially when open the configuration panel. While there already a map of telemetry definitions, which contain the parameter definitions, managed in telemetry session, it is easier to just use it rather than manage another map of instances in portfolio sessions. But telemetry page and portfolio page are designed to be separated, is it better to keep the class in each page separated? However, there are too many connection between telemetry and portfolio page, both logically and physically, e.g. charts in portfolio has links to the associated telemetry pages. So it should be acceptable to connection the session between them.

After this critical implementation, it is much easier to finish the delayed portfolio simulation data. Before, I got trouble in constructing useful coverage data using the existed methods in SimData, because the granularity of the constructed coverage data is "line" and the default in parameter definition is "method", which is used for portfolio page. There is no reasonable way to change parameters in portfolio page before, so if I insist to do it before adding the parameter configuration, I will have to add some dirty code such as if (measure.name == "Coverage") {...}. I am glad that I don't have to worry about it any more.

For the literature review, I started last week, but did not do well so far. I only finish one article in the week. That article took me over 5 hours to finish. I really need to find more time for it and improve my reading speed.

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