Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A week passes fast

After parameter list is added to portfolio configuration panel, portfolio's setting becomes more similar to telemetry. Thus, at last, we change all portfolio page's setting to match that in telemetry page. Time interval in configuration panel has been replaced by start date and end date in input panel. The granularity is moved to input panel as well. And the order of input elements in input panel of both portfolio and telemetry has been modified so that the layout become more consistent over pages.

Before, I was anxious to give user the capacity to select any start/end date in portfolio page. Because I want to create an alternative mechanism that can emphasize the week granularity and its purpose of up-to-date state analysis. But I now realize that, even in stock portfolio system, where most attention is focus on current and future price, provides function to view historical data. Giving user more control power over the system will not harm the initial purpose of the system. Furthermore, users may discover usage that we never think of.

When arranging elements in input panel, I got a chance to look into the panels' layout in the page, and accidentally figure out how to control the layout. Now the pages are more compact and nice.

After added the date selections to portfolio page, the SimDate scenario of portfolio can be put in any time period as I wish. So SimDate is changed.

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