Monday, April 13, 2009

Boswell continue?

Last week I started working on the course project of the agent class. The project I pick is based on Hackystat, and is a continue study of an existed topic: boswell/tickertape, a auto blogging agent for software development. While working on it, I am kind of lost my way. There is no directly related research about that. But there are many likely related fields, such as language processing, knowledge base, etc. The search field is so large that I am lost inside it. All potential related fields are so big to understand in short time. However, without understanding, it is hard to tell if concepts and technics from it will be useful or not. Currently, I just put my hope in language processing. There is some study of it and also using knowledge base concepts. I hope I can get a breakpoint from there.

This research is not directly related to my thesis. But it is an interesting research of Hackystat. Hopefully I can end up with some useful insight after finish the course project, if I can indeed finish it well....

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