Monday, February 9, 2009

Slow progress

I am working on the self-report tool for hackystat(hackystat-sensor-manual). We decided to use MiG Layout for layout management. The project was just started, but progress is slow, because I am picking up with the Swing staff in Java, which I did not touch for quite a long time and never be very good at it.

The other thing on my priority list is my thesis. As the whole experiment become the classroom evaluation, my thesis topic therefore change from use software ICU to manage project and courage collaboration to use the software ICU to understand and teach software metrics. The principle is the same, just change the way to view and present it. The news is, the major part of my thesis is finished in tech-report of Hackystat classroom evaluation fall 2008 already.

Another waiting project is the SVN data collection service, respond to Google's new commit notification POST and generate sensor data. It will be a great service, but not in an urgent need because SVN sensor is now working well. But implement this new service will reduce the difficulty of setup svn sensor. And for users that don't use an automatic contiunous intergration engine like Hudson, they don't need to remember and run svn sensor very time after commit.

Plan for this week will be, build an intial framework of self-report tool, and merge the evaluation tech-report into my thesis.

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