Monday, February 2, 2009

More reports and papers

This is a busy season of writing reports and papers. I am finishing the tech report of Hackystat fall 2008 evaluation and will then back to my thesis. Philip is just finish the draft paper of Hackystat SOA and I, as co-author, am revising it.

The first revision of Hackystat fall 2008 evaluation is finished. It is even more interesting with the usage logging data. When preparing the analysis data of system usage logging, I found that Pivot table of Excel is a very powerful tool and quite easy to use. Once the data is correctly imported(key is to set correct seqarator), Pivot table will do all the statistic analysis and generate a very nice summary table.

Last week I was provided a project to create a tool for users to self-report their un-tracked developing events. It will be a client-side application based in Java. But I did not spend much time on research the JGoodies and MigLayout, the visual layout packages for Java application. But once I get familiar with the layout thing, the primal functionality of the self-report tool should be a piece of cake. For further enhancement such as keyword remember/auto-completion, application/tool auto-selection, and event auto-generation, there will be a lot more study.

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