Monday, August 24, 2009

Final Summary of GSoC 2009

As the fall semester 2009 begins, the GSoC 2009 goes to an end. During it I again successfully complete the project to the excepted goal.

At the beginning of the project, problems of the Issue sensor and its data structure design draw me quite back from the original schedule. However, after I settle it down, the further process become amazingly smooth. It took me like 2~3 weeks to finish Issue DailyProjectData analysis, and another week for Telemetry, and, several minutes to put it into Software ICU! I again experience how a well designed extensible system can boost new developments upon it. Though I am the main developer of the Software ICU, I really have not much to do in previous development of DPD and Telemetry, so it is not my previous experience lead to the boost development.

To add Issue analysis to Software ICU only involves editing a single configuration XML file(I was adding to the default configuration, but it is OK to add to your own configuration, if the developer did not upgrade the code in time =P). The main thing to newcomer may be to find out which file to edit and where it is. I just found that there is no documentation about it on hackystat-ui-wicket. I will add it in soon. Another maybe issue is that, none of the current stream classifier looks to fit the conception of Issue analysis. On the other hand, I do not yet have clear idea of how the Issue stream should be indicate the performance of developers. This can be one of the future study of Issue analysis.

In conclusion, last year, I followed the path of extensible system design to build the system. This year, I experience the benefit of building a system that way, and I am so thankful that we have done it that way. I am pretty sure this will be the way I keep following from now.

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