Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Plan

Google Summer of Code
During the summer, I will be doing the Google Summer of Code 2009. My project is to add Issues into Software ICU. The work include from collecting data from issue tracking system to produce end analysis to Software ICU. The data collection part is finished during spring. So the plan for this project is:
  1. Review the issue data sensor and install it to Hackystat projects
  2. Write DPD analysis for the issue analysis
  3. Add Telemetry streams about issues
  4. Add Issues to Software ICU
  5. Revise the system from head to toe
I expect two weeks for the last three tasks. That is 10 weeks. Google Summer of Code last for 14 weeks, so I will have 4 weeks to spare to wherever needed or to catch up in progress if any delay. For the midterm goal, The first two tasks should be finished and the third one should on the half of the way.

Master Thesis
The thesis is another important task for me this summer, probably the most important one. There are six chapters in my thesis. I might finish each one in one to two weeks. So it will take probably two month to have it done. During this, Philip will revise each chapter for me after I finish it. And I will go over it on the fly. If everything goes as planned, my thesis will be finish before August.

The first chapter I will work on is the related work. I am looking for more relative research on empirical engineering to fill up this chapter.

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