Monday, October 6, 2008

Struggling on HTML stylesheet

We lately found that, as the width of project selection field is limited and the multiple selection is not horizontal scrollable, it is no way to tell projects with long name such as hackystat-sensor-ant, hackystat-sensor-eclipse and hackystat-sensor-emacs, so we have to change it. And I found this interesting page Select Multiple Form Fields. It make me think more about the solution. But for Wicket, the multiple selection check box is supported natively. So that will be the easiest and acceptable solution. In order to scale the selection field properly into the input table, I got struggling on HTML stylesheet again. But I am going better with it now. There are too many properties in stylesheet that are overwhelming to me at the beginning. But finally I found this page to be very helpful. It is a full list of stylesheet properties and quite easy to find what you need.

Also, the user configuration persistence using UriCache and initial portfolio definition XML are implemented. Now the portfolio become more user friendly especially you used to customize your portfolio configuration. But currently there is no working sample for the XML definition, so I want to move some of the hard-wired measures into the sample XML, may be those uncolored process analyses such as Build, Commit and UnitTest.

As students in ICS 413 will use Hackystat soon, the logger for user usage will have the higher implementation priority. Hopefully we will obtain a useful set of evaluation data.

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