Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Code Review for iHacky

Review project: iHacky for hackystat
This is a facebook application for software developers to generate their professional profile and get connected with other developers. It is based on the software engineering toolkit framework called Hackystat which collect and analyze software development process and product data in order to get a better view of the state of software development projects.

For user installation, there is a InstallationGuide wiki page in their project site. The process is described pretty clear in it. Moreover, the installation itself is good self documented that I finished the installation smoothly without go through the InstallationGuide.

iHacky is written in php, which I am not that familiar with. So I did not put much time to go over the code. I will focus in the functionality of the application.

Inside iHacky, I have to say that it is now almost empty. No actual useful function is provided. I did not use facebook much and not quite familiar with what it is capable of. Therefore, it is hard for me to determine if iHacky is useful or not. It is still under developing, however, it is still not proper to release a empty framework for code view. Though one of our view's goal is to provide some advise of what kind of functions will be suite for this application, if the developers(and also users) themselves have no idea of what can the application provide, how can they assume that other user will have? In my aspect, I find it useless at this moment, and have no idea what it might be capable of other than those of Hackystat ProjectViewer and TelemetryViewer.

For advise, the idea of showing what kind of tools, IDEs and programming languages are my favorite sounds cool. Then maybe I can find more people that using a particular tool and go ask for help and discuss things. 

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