Monday, September 24, 2007



Task 1~3 are accomplished.

Encountered troubles:

1. To saved URL from WebLink. The trouble is becase the WebLink object's getURLString method sometimes returns a incomplete URL. I have tried to fix it manually, but did not make it. Then I tried to store the WebLink object instead, but it still does seem to work. Finally I was told that webLink.getRequest().getURL() will return what I was looking for, so I used it.

2. Deal with exceptions while accessing pages. At first I tried to modify my code so that it can deal with more and more exception. But soon I found that the exception type various as much as pages on Internet and some of them are cause from javascript which httpunit support poorly. So, alternatively, I catch and log them instead of solve them. Also, I turn off httpunit's exception throwing when counter a javascript page.

3. To log. After reading in it, I found that the logging package is really convenient. I can log different message in different level that can be easily controlled and filtered. I only need to change setting in initializing. But then I encounter a problem when trying to print out the logs to Console. I tried nearly all classes in the package when found out that a new handler must be create in order to do what I want.

In testing, I found out that command arguments in main() method can be transfer by a String array. But as the main have not a return, I don't know how to assert the running result. The test just prove the code can be execute, but not guarantee the rightness. However, the test can cover over 90% method-lines. What are not covered are the exception catching expression. But if I change the argument to make it process a job of larger scale, it is sure that these line will be covered. I don't know whether testing like this is a right way. But it seems to be the only way to test a method without a return.

In this task, I really feel that the QAs tools are not additional jobs, but facilities. Used the xml files build in previous assignment, I nearly don't need to look into it anymore. Just use it to examine my code! That feels great. I think I will be greatly benefited from them in my future work.

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Wen said...

Hi shaoxuan, I'm a big fun of CodeRulers. I'm not sure if you are still interested in it, but I've found a problem with the CodeRuler.
It is stated in the manual that every time you capture an enemy castle, you will receive 15 points. But according to my observation, I never got the 15 points when I captured any enemy castle.
The way I tested this is to run my code against a do-nothing ruler, and look at the score when you captured all enemy units including the castle. The score you are supposed to get is 115, which is 4*10+6*10+15, but I only got 100.
I'm just asking if you have the same problem or if you have any idea about it, thank you.